Our Story

Our Story


We believe our goods are meaningful because of the toughness of the people behind them
Titanwear DA is a Norwegian high quality clothing brand founded
by the Lithander brothers in early 2017.

The brothers questioned why they had to pay tons of money for clothes they needed in their everyday life.
“Life is tough enough as it is – our clothes should be the last thing we worry about” they thought.

Then came the birth of Titanwear.

With every penny they had the brothers worked day and night to develop the brand – experiencing hiccups, roadblocks and difficulties finding products that could meet their standards along the way.
Titanwear seeks honest and good workingconditions, sustainability and quality in the making of their clothes

– accepting nothing but the best for all parts working with the brand.

In late 2018 they finally launched their website, getting the business up and running

– with great support from their friends, affiliates and partners.

“We are proud to present to you Titanwear.

High quality clothing – for everyone.
We encourage you to highten your standards and start your new era – as we did!
Keep moving forward – pushing your limits and demanding good quality to a sustainable price.